dimarts, 3 de març de 2009

Oral presentation transcrition!

Hi guys, today in our oral presentation we are going to talk about Australia. Fist of all I would like to say that Australia as you know is an English talking country. Its official language has been for hundreds of years since the British colonized Australia and we have also chose Australia because it seems to be, nature there seems to be very important and it’s something that fascinates both. The exotic animals and the vegetation there is so different form ours and it’s incredible to think there’s such diversity. So very we start I would like to ask you if you know anything about Australia? What? Do you know what they eat? No? Okay, you know something about Australia… Okay so it’s located right at the bottom here, right bellow Indonesia and it’s situated on the Indian Ocean and as you can see here there’s New Zealand that it is also an English talking country, as you know I think someone will do an Oral Presentation of New Zealand later on… Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world and it’s actually the only country that occupies the whole of the continent. Okay, this is how it’s divided, it’s divided in six continental states; Victoria, South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia and one Island of Australia. Each of these states has their own government, their own politics, so yeah… So Australia was first seen by the Dutch in the 17th century and the first possible theory of the possible discovery of Australia, is from Cristoval de Mendoza that he discovered it in 1522 and form there has been ongoing wars against the European countries that wanted a piece of Australia against the Indigenous Australians that has already lived there 42.000 years ago. The first British man that went there was James Cook in 1770, he was navigating and he drew a picture of the east cost of Australia. Later when he went on the land he reclaimed the piece of the east cost and form there he was able to colonize slowly but gradually the whole continent. So, where does the name of Australia come from? It comes form the Latin, Australis, which it’s meaning is “ the unknown land of the south, as you can see finding a new continent it would explain the unknown land of the South. And this is the climate and the vegetation. Africa is known for its extends lands of deserts, well mainly deserts and very flat opened spaces but this depends on the climate. If we look at the North of Australia it’s were it’s the hottest, very hot, and its vegetation is very dry as we can see here… Very dry, very low grass and mainly deserts. And more down to the south the weather is milder; it’s neither hot nor cold and its vegetation is better, there are jungles, there are woods… There are two important rivers in Australia but there isn’t many because Australia is a very dry continent and I think they’re only aloud to shower everyday two minutes for each person… This is Darling and this is the river Murray

Critic about our Oral Presentation…

I must say that me and Clara had already prepared and structured our Power Point many days before the actual day of the oral presentation, so I think that we were well organized and we had the sufficient information for all of you to learn a bit more about Australia. We has to look at many web sites at internet because we didn’t really know a lot about Australia, that’s why we chose it, to learn something new and somewhere that interested us.

Our oral presentation was very visual and there was hardly no information on our power point, there just was a lot of images that went passing by when we were talking about Australia. It was a very simple Power point but it was also an attractive one.

Things that I could improve in are, first of all, I always get nervous and that causes me to speak faster when I talk but anyway I think that I do make myself understandable. I think that I do make eye contact with everyone no only at one person but all, and apart from trying to improve my nervousness I think that everything else was quite good.

I think that the oral presentation went well and that I was well explained by I and Clara so I expect a 9 in this oral presentation!